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About ROLS

RWANDA ORGANIZATION OF LAND SURVEYORS, ROLS in abbreviation,   is a Rwandan organization of professional
land surveyors o r Geomaticians .

The mission of The Rwandan Organization of Land Surveyors  «ROLS» is to improve and promoting the knowledge, skills and practices related to land surveying, by learning more about the issues and framing them in ways that make sense to the community

  1. To expand scientific knowledge in surveying and Geomatics;
  2. To ensure that the profession of land surveyor is carried out by qualified and professional agents;
  3. To promote, maintain and protect the standards of the profession of land surveyor in Rwanda;
  4. To manage for the establishment of an institute regulating the standards of practice of the land surveyor profession;
  5. To be the voice of land surveyors in their relations with government bodies as to their preferential rights to be engaged before foreign colleagues;
  6. To provide a channel for the collection and dissemination of information from the profession,
  7. To offer training to new graduates to practice the profession;
  8. To create partnerships with other professional bodies in areas of common interest;
  9. To expand the labor market especially in the countries of the East African Community.