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Application Requirements

Shall be admitted to become member of ROLS any person who meets the following requirements:

  1. To have a degree in Geomatics or land
  2. To be of Rwandan nationality, 21 old aged.
  3. To be a person of values and good morals characterizing Rwandans of integrity;.
  4. To pay all arrears and contributions approved by the meeting of the General Assembly.
  5. To comply with all policy and programs of the organization ROLS.
    Anyone wishing to become member shall submit in writing the President of ROLS his/her desire and shall specify his/her special contribution to ROLS Organization.



 To be selected as candidate to be certified as Technician surveyor and certified surveyor, the candidate should have respectively A1 and A0 or above in Land surveying or Geomatic with a minimum background of 100 credits in basic sciences and 170 credits in surveying cores courses for A1 (Advanced Diploma)with 3 years of working experience; and minimum background of 130 credits in basic sciences and 180 credits in surveying cores courses for A0 (Bachelor Degree)with 2 years of working experience; and must spend at least one year as an Intern Surveyor before being certified after submitting a technical report

 The holder of Master’s Degree in land surveying or Geomatic without the above A0 background should have a minimum of 60 credits in surveying or Geomatic’s cores courses with experience of 2 years;

 Those who have taken their studies out of Country to submit their Equivalence from HEC