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General Assembly

The General Assembly: composed of all ROLS members.

It shall be the supreme organ of the Organization.
The general assembly shall have the following powers:

  • To adopt and modify the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of «ROLS»;
  • To elect and dismiss the members of the Executive and Auditing Committee;
  • To admit, suspend and exclude members;
  • To approve the strategic plan and annual action plan;
  • To lay down the guidelines and overall policies;
  • To approve the budget;
  • To approve the yearly accounts and the activity report presented by the Executive Committee;
  • To accept grants and bequests;
  • To decide upon the dissolution of the «ROLS» and the divestment of its

The General Assembly shall convene and take legitimate decisions where two thirds (2/3) of effective membership are present. It shall be convened by a written notice in a delay of twenty-one (21) days. In case the quorum is not attained, a second meeting shall be called within fifteen (15) days. In this case, the General Assembly shall meet and adopt valid resolutions irrespective of the number of participants present and It called by the President.
However, in case he/she doesn’t demonstrate the good will to do so, on a decision on 3/4 of the founding members, one of them should call the General Assembly and be the Chairperson of the meeting .