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Our Mission

The mission of Rwanda Organization of Land Surveyors «ROLS» is to improve and promoting surveying profession, to acquire new skills and technologies, by learning more about the issues and framing them in ways that provide solutions to community’s problems.

Rwanda Land Surveyors

Frequently Asked

Land surveyors are the backbone of the land surveying profession
and someone who is always willing to learn.
  • What is ROLS?

    We are Rwanda Organization of Land Surveyors where by we promote and improve land surveyors preffesionals in Rwanda

  • How do I become a member of ROLS?

    All you need is to share us your proffesional documents on the portal given out.

  • When do I be a certified surveyor?

    You become certified member when you finish 2 years of Internship with Ao degree

  • Are the university student allowed to join ROLS?

    Yes, the student with A1 degree are also allowed to join our organization.

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Governing Board Members(2024-2027)

Membership Fees

Flexible Pricing Plans
For Our Members

Intern Surveyor
RWF 10,00/year
Aide Surveyor
RWF 25,000/year
Technician Surveyor
RWF 50,000/year
Local Certified Serveyor
RWF 75,000/year
Foreign Certified Serveyor
USD 150/year
Corporate(Local) Member
RWF 200,000/year
Corporate(Foreigner) Member
USD 500/year